Planned Building Works at Hull History Centre

Posted: 7th February 2018

Humber Museums Partnership - Planned Building Works at Hull History Centre

Hull History Centre will undergo planned building works between 29 January and 12 March 2018.

During this period people visiting Hull History Centre who require access to the original archive material will need to make an appointment. Access to the library and arcade area will be as normal.

Ordering items during the restricted service period

Between 30 January – 10 March 2018 we will be operating under a restricted service. If you are intending to visit the Centre to consult items from our reference and archive collections please note the following:

During the period we will be operating a temporary searchroom in the library area which will be open on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays but NOT on Saturdays. We ask that you book to use the searchroom as we will not be in a position to accommodate you otherwise.


  1. Please complete the order form (17kb, PDF) advising us of what items you wish to see during your visit. We need you advise us of ALL items you wish to see during your visit so that we can then get them all out for you or contact you if there is a problem with your order.
  2. We will confirm by email or telephone that a space has been reserved for you.
  3. Staff will only have brief access to the strongrooms on Tuesday and Thursday mornings so all items MUST be ordered at least five days in advance of your visit. Under no circumstances will staff have access to the strongrooms outside of the allotted times so additional items cannot be requested whilst you are here.
  4. The CARN system will still be in operation so remember to bring your card with you.


Microfilm & computer use during the restrictive service period

During this period we will be reducing the number of microfilms in operation to four and computers to six. If you wish to book a microfilm reader in advance of your visit please contact us.

Please note that on 1st February, 15th February and 1st March all computers will be reserved for use with the Family History Help Desk between 09.30 and 12.00 and will not be available for public use.