Burial Urn

A Bronze Age cremation urn, found during the excavation of Kilham long barrow in the 1950s-1960s.

Reconstructed from a large number of fragments, the urn’s exterior is decorated with impressed patterns made by lengths of cord and a pointed implement (perhaps a piece of flint or bone). Long Barrows are a type of monument that appeared in Britain in about 4000-3500 BC and are also found in much of Western Europe. Although varying in size and form they essentially consist of: – a burial chamber (usually at the east end), an elaborate entrance (generally blocked up after burials are placed in the chamber) and the whole structure covered over with an earth mound. The internal structures could be of timber or stone. Kilham long barrow has been largely ploughed away and is virtually invisible from the ground.

Location and viewing details: The Burial Urn can be seen by appointment in the museum stores at Sewerby Hall, Church Lane, Sewerby, Bridlington, YO15 1EA.

Burial Urn can be viewed at Sewerby Hall and Gardens

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