The Ammonite Fossil

An Arietites ammonite from the Frodingham Ironstone. Ammonites are the extinct relatives of the nautilus, octopus and cuttlefish. The first chamber in an ammonites shell is only 0.5mm across. As it grew it added more chambers and the coils slowly built up.

200 million years ago the area now known as North Lincolnshire was a seabed teeming with life. As creatures and plants died they settled on the seabed and were fossilised. The stone that formed is known as the Frodingham Ironstone. It gave Scunthorpe its iron and steel industry and contains large and varied ammonites. Many of these ammonites are unique or very rare and are known throughout the world.

The Ammonite can be seen in the Geology Gallery at North Lincolnshire Museum. The Museum is open daily throughout the year.

The Ammonite Fossil can be viewed at North Lincolnshire Museum

  • The Ammonite Fossil