The Ulceby Beaker

Early Bronze Age beaker discovered in Ulceby in the late nineteenth century. The Beaker was for many years preserved in Ulceby Vicarage. When the vicar moved parish, he took the Beaker with him and its location was lost to archaeology for decades. It was rediscovered when it came up for auction in a London sale room and was purchased by North Lincolnshire Museum.

It was subsequently discovered that the vicar had presented the Beaker to his sweetheart. Though they had gone their separate ways, the lady kept it. Having decided it was finally time to pass it on, she was delighted to hear the Ulceby Beaker was returning home to North Lincolnshire.

The Ulceby Beaker can be seen in the Archaeology Gallery at North Lincolnshire Museum. The Museum is open daily throughout the year.

The Ulceby Beaker can be viewed at North Lincolnshire Museum

  • The Ulceby Beaker