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About Digital Junior Open

The Junior Open exhibition has been held annually at the Ferens Art Gallery since 2004. It celebrates the creative talent of young people in Hull and the surrounding area. Artworks are submitted by individuals, schools and local community groups, aged 15 and under. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we were unable to hold the 2020 Junior Open exhibition on site, instead we have provided a digital platform for children and young people with our very first digital Junior Open.

The digital Junior Open showcases the creativity of children and young people throughout 2020. This online exhibition celebrates and champions children’s creativity in the face of the pandemic. This digital exhibition reflects young peoples’ experiences of 2020, their hopes and dreams – and simply their love of making art!

We hope you enjoy exploring our very first digital Junior Open.

…and don’t worry, we are we are still planning for an exhibition at the gallery in 2021. Keep an eye out for more updates to come.


Age 6 and under

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  • Xander Roche - Age 4 - Happy Birds

    A painting of colourful birds in a line.
  • Jacob S - Age 6 - Hit Dogs and Emojis

    A child’s artwork of different circular shapes and emojis.
  • Jayden Nolan - Age 5 - Nothing Stops us having Fun in the Storm - "I had seen some similar pictures and wanted to create my own. This is a picture of me playing with Charlie my dog. We have so much fun together."

    A line of rainbow coloured crayons melting on to a silhouette of a figure with an umbrella and small dog.
  • Vincent - Age 5 - Rhinoceros Beetle - "It is part of an encyclopaedia of animals I created during lockdown. I drew them all when I was still 4. This one is letter R."

    A detailed artwork of a green beetle.
  • Oskar Turner-Craven - Age 4 - Self Portrait - "Self portrait for starting Reception class at school"

    A child’s self portrait, with short blonde hair.
  • Betsy Nora Rose - Age 4 - Catherine - "Funny mummy"

    Colourful painting of a face.
  • Dylan Farmer - Age 1 - Go Go Go Parakeets

    An abstract child’s painting in various colours.
  • Jayden Nolan - Age 5 - Autumn in Reflection - "I watched a you tube clip on how to paint reflection. I went to the local duck pond to understand reflection a bit more."

    A painting of a row of autumn trees, reflected in water below.
  • Lewis Beggs - Age 4 - Mummy's Car

    A colourful drawing of a car.
  • Vincent Scott - Age 5 - Tarantula - "It is part of an encyclopaedia of animals I created during lockdown. I drew them all when I was 4. This one is T for Tarantula."

    A detailed artwork of a tarantula in black and orange.
  • Thea Ivy Braiser - Age 5 - 4 Seasons Tree - "My picture represents a tree during each of the four seasons"

    A mixed media artwork of a large tree, showing the four seasons.
  • Henry C - Age 5 - My Brave Edmund Blackbeard - "I made my pirate collage as part of my English lesson during Home School 2020!"

    A collage of a pirate with wool beard and blue hat and jacket.
  • Harlan - Age 5 - Starry Night - "We have been learning about Van Gogh at home."

    A painting of a starry night sky, in the style of Van Gogh.
  • Feliks Leonov - Age 5 - The Hunt - "Dinosaur topic at school- I love all types of dinosaurs and I like seeing them running and chasing."

    A painting with multiple silhouettes of dinosaurs.
  • Eliza - Age 5 - Sea Scene - "Eliza opened the canvas and the little bits of wood which come with it in a packet at the back fell out. She picked up the shapes and thought they looked like boats so decided to paint them and stick them to a sea scene which she used a roller to paint."

    An artwork of sailing boats on the sea, with a bright yellow sun.
  • Evelyn Midwood - Age 5 - Julian's Bower - "It's a maze made out of grass and mud. I like how we get to go around it, its tricky."

    A painting of child in a green, country landscape.
  • Dylan Farmer - Age 1 - Roar Tigers

    An abstract child’s painting in various colours.
  • Jayden Nolan - Age 5 - Dinosaur at Night - "I was doing a dinosaur theme at school and wanted to create a picture."

    Painting of a dinosaur silhouette at sun set.
  • Tess Day - Age 5 - Babbling Brook - "Inspired by Bob Ross - A relaxing hobby in lockdown 3 for a young, keen artist."

    A painting of a countryside side, with bright blue sky, brook and tall trees.
  • Skyla Sowden - Age 6 - A Horses Head - "I had been learning about shapes at school which inspired me to draw. My sketch is made up of lots of different sized circles positioned differently to create the perfect shape of the horses head."

    A pencil drawing of a horse.
  • Charlie Palphramand - Age 5 - Rainbow

    An abstract child’s painting in rainbow colours.
  • Vincent Scott - Age 5 - Fly - "It is part of an encyclopaedia of animals I created during lockdown. I drew them all when I was still 4. This one is F for Fly."

    A detailed artwork of a fly.
  • Jayden Nolan - Age 5 - Snow Scene - "I wanted to create a ‘Christmas card’ painting. Lots of people had seen my Autumn in Reflection painting and couldn’t believe I painted it, so my mummy filmed me creating this painting and has put it on you tube. This time I started to develop my own style at painting trees."

    A painting of a snowy winter scene, with a snow covered chalet and large Christmas tree in the foreground.
  • Edith - Age 5 - The Garden - "I love drawing pictures"

    A colour drawing of tree with a tall flower either side.
  • Jayden Nolan - Age 5 - A Melted Reflection - "I had seen some photographs of similar art work and wanted to try it."

    An artwork of melted crayons in a rainbow.
  • Loveden - Age 6 - Starry Night - "We have been learning about Van Gogh at home."

    A painting of a starry night sky, in the style of Van Gogh.

Age 7 - 11

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  • Emilia Nicolini - Age 7 - Masked Portrait

    A black felt pen line drawing of a girl with brown hair, wearing a pink and green striped face covering.
  • Sophie Halford - Age 8 - Mystical Garden - "My picture includes a Japanese area because I want to go to Japan."

    Detailed drawing of a mystical garden, with mountains and a tree house.
  • Molly Halford - Age 11 - Tree at Sunrise

    Colourful painting of a tree against a bright, shiny background.
  • Manuel - Age 9 - Super Sayan God Blue Goku - "I was inspired by Akira Toriyama's work : Dragonball tv shows and mangas."

    Manga-style drawing of a character with spikey blue hair.
  • Emily R Slater - Age 9 - Selina the Witch - "I like creating characters and stories for my comics, this is the first page of a comic."

    Colourful comic strip story about a witch.
  • Alice - Age 9 - Gnome - "Drawn for my new brother."

    Drawing of a gnome with a tall yellow hat and blue clothing.
  • Alex - Age 10 - Dracula - "I am learning about Dracula at school and we had to draw a picture."

    Black line drawing of a vampire.
  • Alice Quantrill - Age 9 - Winter Robin - "I was inspired by my love of bird watching."

    Drawing of a red-breasted robin.
  • Amber Palphramand - Age 10 - Witchcraft and Wizardry - "I got the inspiration from a Manga University book which is a type of anime. The picture represents magic."

    Manga-style portrait of a child in green clothing holding a book.
  • Amélie Iris Sullivan - Age 8 - Amélies Anime - "During lockdown I decided to learn more about Japan and Japanese artwork as I love manga and anime films and comics. I have been learning about Japenese culture and language and doing drawing tutorials online to help me get better at manga drawing."

    Manga-style drawings of different anime characters.
  • Anya Starkey - Age 7 - Winter Dreams

    Drawing of a winter village scene with snow and a large Christmas tree.
  • Declan - Age 9 - Ferrari

    Drawing of a red sports car.
  • Ruby Gallagher - Age 11 - The Night Forrest

    Painting of a forest scene at night-time with dramatic blue sky.
  • Millie Dean - Age 11 - Power of a Rainbow Leaver - "I painted this after my school called me and the rest of year 6 'Rainbow Leavers' last year as it was the end of my last year of Primary School which we missed majority of because of Covid Lockdown. It was an expression of the power we are all had as Rainbow children to move forward to the big world of High School."

    Rainbow coloured painting of a hand.
  • Violet - Age 10 - Chameleon

    A drawing of a chameleon in muted pastel tones.
  • Olivia Murphy - Age 11 - The Princess Warrior - "It was created when I was ten, whilst I was playing in my den, ( which was a swing covered by some old sheets) in the garden during the first lockdown, it is a front cover for a story that I wrote for school and I hope it will make people smile when they see it. What inspired me was the stories I'd read that made my imagination run wild because I love adventure books and the princess in the drawing is having a wild adventure."

    Colourful picture of a book cover, showing a princess warrior stood in front of a large blue dragon.
  • Olly Grimbleby - Age 10 - Hawk Strike

    Artwork of a hawk in flight.
  • Edwin Rogers - Age 8 - My race Track - "It is a beautiful place I like to ride my bike."

    Photograph of flowers blooming in a park.
  • Eva - Age 9 - Lion - "I really like wild animals and by sitting and doing this bit by bit really helped me calm down when I feel anxious."

    Coloured pencil drawing of a lion with a large mane.
  • Florence Armstrong - Age 11 - Shroom Boy

    Drawing of red and white spotted mushrooms.
  • Lewis Marshall - Age 10 - Trey the Triceratops - "We have been making a few things with this clay in lockdown and this was my favourite one."

    A clay model of a dinosaur seated.
  • Skye Richards - Age 8 - The Man - "Lockdown has inspired me to be creative, I'm a dancer at heart but I've found a new interest in sketching."

    Pencil portrait drawing.
  • Isla Russell - Age 9 - Rainbow Treasure - "I was inspired by all the beautiful rainbows for the NHS and wanted to make my own special rainbow with objects I found around my house."

    Rainbow sculpture using different found objects.
  • Layla Bennett - Age 10 - Turtles - "Me and my mum love turtles."

    Artwork of six turtles swimming against a deep blue gradient background.
  • Holly Ellington-Runkee - Age 10 - Harry Potter - "I really enjoy the Harry Potter series so I decided to draw him digitally."

    Digital portrait of Harry Potter.
  • Luca Benbrook - Age 11 - Untitled

    Painting of two baubles hanging on fir tree branches.
  • Freya Grimbleby - Age 8 - Safari Sunset - "I painted this for my grandma."

    Painting of a giraffe stood between two tall trees.
  • Nela YK - Age 8 - Martin Luther King

    Portrait of Martin Luther King against a colourful background.
  • Freya Dex - Age 10 - Caged like a Budgie - "The work was to represent how I am feeling at the minute, like a caged bird who cannot spread its wings."

    Detailed artwork of a green budgie in a cage.
  • Sienna - Age 8 - Paradise Life - "Happy future."

    Multiple paintings of colourful landscape scenes with tree silhouettes.
  • Evie Thatcher - Age 11 - Marbles

    Coloured pencil drawing of marbles.
  • Emilia Nicolini - Age 7 - Self Portrait - "During the summer our family spent lots more time together. I enjoyed drawing all of us. I drew my mum and dad and also painted myself."

    Colourful self-portrait painting of a young girl in pink clothing.
  • Charlie Pulford - Age 8 - My First Front Flip - "I used a mini mannequin to create the pose in pencil and then used my sharpies to build it into a full picture."

    Drawing of a person bouncing on a trampoline.
  • Declan Nichols - Age 9 - A Digger

    Drawing of a yellow digger.
  • Arthur Butterfield - Age 11 - Northern Lights - "In school we were learning about Antarctica (south pole)."

    Painting of a night-time Antarctic landscape with the Northern Lights above.
  • Eden Holt - Age 11 - Peekaboo

    Photograph of a cat with bright blue eyes.
  • Emily - Age 8 - Family - "Been with family in lockdown 2020."

    Painting of a family stood together in a grassy landscape.
  • George Stephenson - Age 7 - Viking Shield and Sword - "Studying Vikings inspired my designs on the sword and shield."

    Painted sculpture of a Viking sword and shield.
  • Stella Hall - Age 9 - Flockdown - "Stella has painted 4 pictures of birds we've seen out of our window during lockdown, and we have tried to put them together."

    Four paintings of different birds.
  • Molly Stothard - Age 9 - The Cat on the Wall - "I have always wanted to do a silhouette."

    Silhouette painting of a cat sat on a wall, against a sunset.
  • Maddison - Age 9 - The Blue Bear - "I have only just begun to paint and draw. This was my first attempt."

    Framed painting of a blue bear.
  • Joel Higley - Age 7 - Robot Doctor - "I like to draw what's in my imagination."

    Pen drawing of an imaginary robot figure.
  • Kiera - Age 10 - Highland Heaven - "My mummy is a big fan of highland cows so I thought I would draw her one."

    Artwork of a ginger highland cow, stood in a field with a blue sky above.
  • Phoebe Brown - Age 10 - Penguin Chick

    Shaded pencil drawing of a penguin chick.
  • Poppie - Age 11 - Sunset Soldier - "I copied this from a photo I had taken as I loved the look and the light."

    Silhouette painting of a figure, with a bright sun in the background.
  • Evan Starkey - Age 11 - Angry Parrot

    Colourful drawing of a parrot.
  • Callum Hemstock - Age 10 - The Mountain

    Painting of a mountain against a bright blue sky.
  • Darcey Turner-Craven - Age 7 - Stonehenge - "Sketching lesson whilst the class had to isolate."

    Pencil drawing of Stonehenge.
  • Anya Starkey - Age 7 - The Lion

    Drawing of a lion roaring, with big mane and large teeth.
  • Arthur Butterfield - Age 11 - Untitled - "A portrait photograph from Raw Umber Studios."

    A painting portrait of a man looking to the side, against a dark background.
  • Declan - Age 9 - Lego Figure

    Drawing of a Lego figure in green, holding swords.
  • Emily Cook - Age 11 - Young Tiger - "A love of wildlife and enjoyment in drawing animals."

    Artwork of a young tiger, with green eyes.
  • Blake - Age 10 - Fly like a Bird

    Drawing of a bird in flight.
  • Edie Green - Age 11 - Fruit Salad - "I wanted to practise working with colour and shading so I chose to draw fruit to include lots of colours in the picture."

    Colourful artwork of a fruit salad.
  • Blake - Age 10 - Galaxy Bear

    A picture of bear silhouette, filled with galaxy print.
  • Eddison - Age 7 - Starry Night - "We have been learning about Van Gogh at home."

    A painting of a starry night sky, in the style of Van Gogh.
  • Evan Starkey - Age 11 - Rising Phoenix

    Colourful pencil drawing of phoenix rising up.
  • Holly - Age 11 - Savage World - "A 3D pen-made model depicting the savageness of nature."

    3D pen model drawings of different animals.
  • Gaby Rouse - Age 10 - Portrait Girl

    Pencil portrait drawing of a girl with long, straight hair.
  • Jaydon S - Age 8 - Fireman Sam

    Painting of Fireman Sam at work.
  • Jake - Age 11 - Storm - "Jake is 11 but has a learning age of 4 after a brain injury before birth. We were told he’d never walk or talk but he does both and now it seems he can express himself through art too."

    Pencil drawing of energetic shapes and swirls.
  • Hugo Roche - Age 7 - Weird & Wonderful Creatures

    Drawing of various different sea creatures.
  • Fred Chapman - Age 11 - Anger - "This piece represents expressing the emotion of anger through the action of shouting."

    Black and white drawing with various symmetrical abstract shapes.
  • Ewan Farniss - Age 11 - Eagle Eye

    Line drawing of a golden eagle.
  • Grace O'Grady - Age 11 - The Girl - "I love to draw, I like to do it in my free time. My mum has set up an Instagram page for me to show off what I can do and I love to share it with everybody and see how many likes I can get."

    Drawing of a figure in a red T-shirt with short black hair looking down.
  • Ethan Precious - Age 9 - Basquiat's Hamster 2 - "We were asked to create a piece inspired by Basquiat for home learning. I love hamsters so I did this. I had already done another hamster inspired by Basquiat, that's why this one is number 2."

    Colourful abstract drawing of a hamster.
  • Evan Starkey - Age 11 - Jaguar

    Pencil drawing of a spotty jaguar.
  • Caitlin Walker - Age 9 - Shoe Design - "I loved choosing and blending the colours."

    Colourful drawing of a blue high heeled show on a pink background.
  • Evie Thatcher - Age 11 - Scales

    Pencil drawing of cracked lines with green gradients.
  • Eva - Age 9 - Pop Zebra - "I liked learning about pop art and I did this picture for my nanna because she said they were her favourite."

    Colourful painting of a rainbow zebra.
  • Daniel Stansfield - Age 10 - Rainy Days - "Daniel has only started drawing during Lockdown 3 and wasn’t sure what to draw so searched ideas for drawing, not sure if I’m just being a bias parent but for a first attempt at drawing I thought it was pretty good."

    Pencil line drawing of a figure holding an umbrella.
  • Evan Starkey - Age 11 - The Lion

    Drawing of a roaring lion with large mane and sharp teeth.
  • Harley W - Age 8 - Church in the Country - "When I watched a TV show I saw a church and it inspired me to draw it."

    Drawing of a church against a bright, cloudy sky.
  • Erin Russell - Age 11 - Sunshine and Flowers - "I was learning about the artist Andy Goldsworthy during lockdown and one beautiful, sunny day I decided to create my own version in the garden."

    Land art piece, made from fresh flowers and leaves, arranged in concentric circles.
  • Declan Nichols - Age 9 - The Lighthouse

    Pencil line drawing of a lighthouse with clouds.
  • Elsie - Age 11 - The Eye - "I love drawing, especially of eyes and mouths."

    Detailed, close-up artwork of a blue eye.
  • Maya Webster - Age 9 - Bristol Balloons - "I made it to pass the time and as a gift to my family. A tv show called art ninja inspired me and the presenter is from Bristol."

    Mixed media collage of hot air balloons in the sky.
  • Blake - Age 10 - Mosaic Whale - "I love to create art."

    Drawing of a whale – half in colour, half in pencil.
  • Joel Higley - Age 7 - Covid 19 Warrier - "I like to draw what's in my imagination."

    Drawing of an imaginary figure.
  • Sophia Linwood - Age 8 - Animals of the Ocean - "I drew this picture because I love learning about the ocean."

    Coloured drawing of different ocean creatures.
  • Phoebe Randerson - Age 11 - Cat at Dusk - "I couldnt afford to buy my mum a Christmas present so I decided to paint her a picture instead..."

    A silhouette painting of a cat sat on a branch, with a warm sun set background.
  • Matilda Midwood - Age 9 - A Friendly Horse called Maldwin - "Maldwin isn't my horse but I met him at Carr Farm once."

    Painting of a child and a horse.
  • Declan - Age 9 - Shark

    Drawing of a shark.
  • Evan Starkey - Age 11 - Fire Dragon

    Drawing of an orange dragon with large wings.

Age 12 - 15

    Click here to see images in full size

  • Abigail Percy - Age 12 - The Beauty of a Virus - "This photograph is a representation of the virus but is to show people that there has been many positives from 2020."

    Photograph of purple spherical flowers.
  • Abigail Percy - Age 12 - Reflections of 2020 - "This piece of work represents the struggles and emotional changes throughout 2020."

    Portrait pencil drawing of a figure wearing a visor, with a thought bubble about COVID-19.
  • Amy Blackett - Age 12 - Puppy on a Pillow - "This is a painting of my dog Button's when he was a puppy."

    Colour drawing of a brown puppy on a red cushion.
  • Eleanor - Age 15 - Portrait of a Lady

    Portrait drawing of a Lady.
  • Annabel Hind - Age 14 - Two Sisters

    Pencil drawing of two sisters.
  • Caroline Chapman - Age 15 - Untitled

    Symmetrical print of a smiling figure in bold pink, blue and purple.
  • Erin - Age 12 - Handy - "All the rainbow colours that have been used because of COVID, brought the hand to life."

    Drawing of the bones in the hand.
  • Caitlyn - Age 13 - Untitled - "This piece was inspired by the work of Paula Kovarik."

    Embroidered drawings on different colour materials.
  • Emily Harrison - Age 15 - Hull Minster

    Drawing of Hull Minister.
  • Adam Mordarski - Age 14 - Autumn Waterfall - "The presented painting was made for my sisters birthday during lockdown."

    Painting of an autumn landscape with a waterfall and mountain in the distance.
  • Beth Mason - Age 13 - Willow Smith

    Portrait of Willow Smith.
  • Eva Marshall - Age 12 - Eirin - "I have made a few things over lockdown with this clay but this was my favourite which I made for my best friend who loves horses and kept getting her lessons cancelled because of the restrictions."

    Clay figurine of a horse.
  • Evie Crawford - Age 12 - Thank You NHS - "It is to thank the NHS for everything they have done in 2020. There is a cherry blossom tree which represents hope. The yellow one represents 2 metre tape. The green one with blobs in represents COVID-19 and the blue one represents someone washing their hands. The people at the bottom are NHS workers and one of them is my mum who works as a nurse on ICU."

    Drawing of 2020 NHS workers.
  • Jack Appleyeard - Age 12 - Road to the Sky

    Artwork showing a wide, open road in a flat country landscape.
  • Hollie Paling - Age 15 - Reflection

    Portrait of a figure holding up a mirror, on book print paper.
  • Lucy Stothard - Age 13 - Double Rainbow at Haile Sands Fort - "Using my new phone camera to experiment with different scenic images."

    Photograph of a rainbow across a beach.
  • Zoe Dodson - Age 14 - Evening Flight

    Silhouette of a dragon and a castle, against a sunset background.
  • Neve Wildbore - Age 12 - Lizard

    Colour drawing of a lizard.
  • Ted (Pink Hoodie Boy) - Age 14 - Anchored - "What inspired this assemblage was the fact that children and adults have been anchored to their computers doing work or playing games or watching films because that's all they have to do in lockdown. So I guess this is trying to describe this in a nutshell."

    Photograph of a teddy bear sat at a laptop.
  • Matilda Smith - Age 15 - My Whole Heart - "I used the photos of me and my brother, because I love him very dearly."

    Coloured prints of family images.
  • Matilda Rice - Age 12 - Hope - "Children spreading light."

    Digital drawing of a figure holding a torch up to reveal a rainbow in the clouds.
  • Rebecca Harman - Age 12 - Vocaloid - "It is based on one of my favourite songs."

    Digital drawing of a character.
  • Matilda Rice - Age 12 - Dutch Candle - "I painted this for my Nana’s birthday surprise."

    Painting of a tall candle on black.
  • Lauryn Hinch - Age 15 - Blue

    Portrait of a figure with long hair – in blue.
  • Lilia Everitt - Age 13 - Wonder - "This piece was created using Free Motion Embroidery Quilting inspired by Paula Kovarik."

    Embroidered abstract drawings on different colour materials.
  • Maisie Morton - Age 14 - Orange

    Painting of three oranges.
  • Penny Gladwin - Age 13 - Sunrise on the Westwood - "My sister and I often go for walks on the Westwood. We got up early one morning and I captured this using my iPhone. I like to take photos of nature, particularly sunrise and sunsets. It was a lovely, crisp morning when I took this one."

    Photograph of frost on the grass, sun low in the background.
  • Rubyleigh Jones - Age 12 - Hands

    Colour drawing of a figure covered with hands.
  • Grace Chapman - Age 15 - Drowning

    White silhouette figures on black background.
  • Frazer Ellis - Age 15 - Saturdays

    A blue photograph of a road junction, with trees.
  • Ethan Kirke - Age 14 - Wired For Sound 01- " There were countless different models of the Sony Walkman made and because of the digital age we now live in, at least 200,020,000 Sony Walkmans have gone to waste. My artwork highlights the beauty of these now obsolete items."

    Monochrome drawing of a Sony Walkman tape.
  • Alice - Age 13 - A Night at the Musicals - "I was lucky enough to perform at Hull New Theatre in Evita and Joseph. I wanted to paint this to remind me of the fun I had."

    Artwork of nine musical poster designs.
  • Alex Scott - Age 15 - Morgan Freeman

    Portrait of Morgan Freeman.
  • Alice - Age 13 - Tulips - "I was really bored in the first lockdown and my mum suggested to paint something. So I painted what I saw in the garden!"

    Painting of a blue vase of red tulips.
  • Amelia Hedgecox - Age 12 - Cityscape

    Pencil drawing of a cityscape.
  • Elliot Martin - Age 12 - Bertie - "This piece is part of a series of digital characters I’ve designed."

    Digital drawing of a character in a red sweatshirt and red trainers.
  • Autumn Brownlie - Age 12 - Sunshine after the Storm - "It’s about the rainbow that appears after the rain, I wanted to get all those amazing colours in my picture."

    Colourful abstract painting.
  • Frazer Ellis - Age 15 - All I Know

    Photograph of a plant in the light of a window.
  • Beth - Age 13 - Eye - "I drew the eye because I am fascinated by the colours and detail behind it. I love to build up layers of vibrant shades to create depth and meaning."

    Detailed artwork of a blue eye close up.
  • Amy Blackett - Age 12 - Girl

    Digital drawing of a girl on a sage green background.
  • Cal - Age 15 - Hidden Behind the Barriers

    Black and white photograph of Hull city centre.
  • Chloe - Age 15 - Flower Sketch

    Coloured pencil drawing of yellow flowers.
  • Eva Marshall - Age 12 - Kia the Koi Carp - "We went to the pencil museum in Keswick and gave me some ideas for using water colour pencils which I hadn’t used before. Trying out new techniques to get the scaled effect."

    Colour drawing of koi crap.
  • Leah Fellows - Age 15 - Touch - "I was inspired to create this piece of artwork by the drawings of artist Henry Moore."

    Drawing of hands in red and black.
  • William - Age 13 - A Landscape

    Painting of a scenic countryside view, with lake, hills and trees.
  • Millie Ketley - Age 14 - Sea Life

    Print of two turtles swimming.
  • Millie - Age 13 - Colossal Titan & Erens Titan form - "Inspired by the anime attack on Titan."

    Detailed drawings of a scary character with mouth wide open.
  • Katie Langley - Age 12 - Seagull Peach - "I was inspired by the scene from James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl, where the seagulls rescue the peach. This was for a DT project where I had to make a mechanical toy."

    Mixed media artwork of birds carrying a large peach.
  • Katie Smith - Age 14 - Phil Vibing - "It’s of my OC (original character) Phil, he’s half human half dragon, I needed to practice backgrounds so I drew it as practice. I also needed to know what Phil and Patrick (my other OCs) room would look like. It’s a drawing I’m super proud of."

    Digital drawing of a character reading on a bed.
  • Matilda Dobbs - Age 12 - Hedy Lamarr - "Both of my grandads used to paint with oils and watercolour that inspired me to paint and draw things/people.I like drawing old actresses because they have lovely hair and are very pretty."

    Pencil drawing portrait of a glamorous woman.
  • Poppy Blanchard - Age 12 - The Starry Forest - "It represents where I would Iike to go when lockdown is over."

    Painting of birds in flight above a night forest scene.
  • Jessie Duncan - Age 13 - St Augustine's Church

    Line drawing of St Augustine’s Church.
  • Ruby May Shipley - Age 12 - Things Aren't Always as they Seem - "It’s inspired by an anime called kakegurui."

    Drawing of an injured figure in a domestic setting.
  • Hayden - Age 13 - Masked Heroes - "It represents the masked super heroes from MARVEL that have been created and I was inspired by just doing art and trying new stuff."

    Colour drawing of Marvel characters.
  • Hartley Ramsden - Age 14 - Self Portrait Sketch - "I wanted to draw myself as accurately as possible and not how I wanted myself to look. When creating a self-portrait it is easy to change features about yourself; to get rid of what you're insecure about. For this piece, I really wanted to accentuate, or at least just draw honestly, the parts of my face that I'm not particularly comfortable with: dark eye bags, messy hair, crooked lips, etc. so as to not create a false image of myself but to create an accurate self-portrait that shows me."

    Pencil self-portrait.
  • Beth - Age 13 - Portrait

    Pencil drawing portrait.
  • Eloise - Age 14 - A Glimpse Into Your Imagination - "This piece was inspired by textiles artist Paula Kovarik."

    Embroidered drawings on different colour materials.
  • Holly Gardner - Age 12 - Christmas Magic - "Did this artwork to keep me busy during lockdown and to bring my family some happiness over the Christmas holidays."

    Paintings of a various winter characters.
  • Gabby Robinson - Age 13 - Valencia - "I drew this during my characters birthday, on the 27th of December."

    Digital drawing of a colourful character.
  • Dillon Rogers - Age 12 - Pencil Drawing

    Pencil drawing of a sports figure in a helmet holding a bat.
  • Ellie - Age 15 - The Consumer

    Monochrome drawing of a figure with hands reaching toward them.
  • Penny Gladwin - Age 13 - Sunset on the Beck - "The lockdown meant we went out for more walks as a family. One Saturday afternoon in November we were walking along the Beverley Beck as the sun was going down. I took lots of photos as the sun went down. This one has Figham Pastures in the background."

    Photograph of a sunset in a rural landscape.
  • Poppy - Age 12 - Crimson Hills - "This piece is to remind people of the beauty in our world that we will soon again be able to see."

    Painting of a mountainous landscape – in red.
  • Luke Fox - Age 15 - Untitled - "Experimentation and trying something new."

    Line drawing portrait in black and green.
  • Will Palmer - Age 13 - Reality - "People's judgement of others."

    Painting of a green figure with wide eyes, mouth open.
  • Lauryn Hinch - Age 15 - Behind Closed Doors

    Three overlapping portraits in bold colours.
  • Grace Chapman - Age 15 - Nature - "This piece of art was made using varying line widths to express the beauty of nature."

    Black line drawing of a butterfly.
  • Ethan Kirke - Age 14 - Wired For Sound 02 - "There were countless different models of the Sony Walkman made and because of the digital age we now live in, at least 200,020,000 Sony Walkmans have gone to waste. My artwork highlights the beauty of these now obsolete items."

    Colour drawing of a Sony Walkman, with headphone and a tape.
  • Megan Kitchen Escreet - Age 12 - Ariana Grande - "I have always wanted to be good at something so I had a go at drawing in lockdown and I really enjoyed it and I think I might have found something I can be good at."

    Portrait drawing of Ariana Grande.
  • Emmeline - Age 15 - Quarantine Dreaming - "This painting was something I did in quarantine and I think the girl in the painting is looking towards freedom and joy from corona (the lighter grey in the background) but the cloud of uncertainty is casting darkness upon her. I think it just shows how I was feeling at that point."

    Painting of a woman with short black hair, with an off-the-shoulder black top.

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