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Humber Museums Partnership - Monet in Mind Exhibition

About Monet in Mind Exhibition

Claude Monet’s (1840-1926) stunning landscape painting, Antibes (1888) forms the centrepiece, and is the inspiration for, an exciting new exhibition opening at the Ferens Art Gallery in May 2021.

Monet’s painting was chosen to be the lead painting for the exhibition following a public vote – held as part of an initiative by the Ferens Art Gallery – designed to give young people in Hull an opportunity to engage with cultural decision-making. Monet in Mind is in itself a showcase of the talents of the Future Ferens group, aged 16-25, who worked in collaboration with the Gallery’s team of experts to create this fresh and immersive exhibition.

Monet’s Antibes will be accompanied by artworks, also selected by the Future Ferens group, from the Gallery’s permanent collection, many of which have never been displayed together before; including Ferens favourites by Walter Richard Sickert, Philip Wilson Steer, Derwent Lees, Beatrice Bright and Barbara Hepworth.

The key theme underscoring the exhibition is that of mindfulness, with Monet’s landscape as the anchor point. Mindfulness encourages individuals to pause and take a step back from stresses and strains of life, and appreciate the present moment. Consequently, this accessible exhibition has been designed to give visitors space in which to reflect on the artworks on display and enjoy them in a calming environment.

See inside the exhibition online

Using our 3D scan of the exhibition, explore the gallery from the leisure of your own home.

Click on artwork labels to find out more and reveal new interpretation written by young people in Hull.

Visit our new digital gallery experience by clicking on the image below:

Monet in Mind: Making of the Exhibition

Follow the behind scenes journey of how we created the Monet in Mind exhibition at Ferens Art Gallery. Monet in Mind is a culmination of many young voices from across Hull and this short film shows behind the scenes footage of how this exhibition was developed.

In 2020, The Courtauld Institute offered to loan the Ferens Art Gallery one of seven celebrated Impressionist paintings to produce an exhibition. Future Ferens held a public vote on which should be chosen, designed to give young people in Hull an opportunity to freely engage with cultural decision-making.

Young people across Hull were given the chance to cast their vote. Our volunteers took reproductions of the paintings to sites around the city, including to Hull College, Hull School of Art and Design, The University of Hull and The Warren. We invited young people from The Goodwin Trust and Bransholme Community Centre to visit the Ferens, many of whom hadn’t visited a gallery before.

We also ran workshops introducing Impressionism and its techniques to young students, as well as hosting a curatorial course to inform students about socially- and community-engaged practice.

Our voting programme ended before the first lockdown in March 2020, with Claude Monet’s Antibes the chosen painting. During the summer we started the next phase of the project. Due to restrictions, Future Ferens moved online to produce an exhibition, in line with COVID-19 guidance. This became the exhibition which is on display in the Ferens.

Future Ferens is a group of young people aged 16-25 who are passionate about connecting creativity, art and people. The group meets weekly/fortnightly on different projects, to plan and deliver a programme of events and exhibitions with the aim of engaging people with art.

Musical Interludes

We are delighted to introduce you to GAIA, a duo made up of violinist Katrina Lee and cellist Alice. This duo, Chamber Music Scotland’s Ensemble in Residence 2019-21, are passionate about amplifying women’s voices where they haven’t been heard before. Their vision vision is to unveil the unheard and unseen voices of female composers from the past, whilst supporting our female contemporaries through cross genre collaboration and performance.

GAIA’s performance was first showcased at the Open Courtauld Hour ‘Musical Interludes’ which you can watch on Youtube.

Throughout Monet in Mind we have brought a new appreciation for artworks through new musical compositions. You can listen to Soundscapes created by Hull College designed to draw you closer to individual artworks. Or can you can relax into the Exhibition Soundtrack created by emerging composer Adam Pattrick with the aid of young people from The Warren.

Explore the Artworks

Throughout 2020, the Future Ferens explored the Ferens permanent collection and selected artworks which they thought complimented Claude Monet’s painting, Antibes.

Here you have the chance to learn more about the artworks with new fresh research and videos.

Perhaps take a few minutes to appreciate the artworks in a new light with our series or relaxation videos?