Hull Fair project diary blog no. 2

Posted: 18th June 2020

Humber Museums Partnership - Hull Fair project diary blog no. 2


I’m Jocelyn, a Research and Documentation Assistant at Hull Museums and the project lead on the Hull Fair project.

Unfortunately we got the news this week that Hull Fair 2020 is cancelled. Of course this is a massive blow to the people of Hull and the showmen who would travel from around the country to the fair, but public safety is the number one priority at the moment.

This is the first time since the Second World War that Hull Fair has been cancelled, so it’s a historic year for the fair’s history.

However, this might be a nice opportunity for people to reminisce and contribute their stories and memories to our exhibition!

The opening of the online exhibition has been moved back slightly to allow more time for Russ Litten to speak to all the people who have written in to us! I’m really pleased with the responses so far and I can’t wait to hear what Russ has been doing and see what Nova Studio’s video will look like at the end.

This week we received the final motifs that the designer has done for us for the online exhibition. These include some GIFs, which I’m excited to try out on the webpage. The thing that most people will remember visually from Hull Fair is how bright it is, and how there are constantly colourful lights flashing against the night sky. The idea is that these GIFs will give a taste of that atmosphere, online.

A black and white photograph of a boy and a girl at Hull Fair. They are stood next to each other and both are holding small monkeys. We have also had some great photo submissions – this one sent in on Twitter shows a young Suzanne with her brother and grandfather in c. 1968.

We now have everything we need to begin building the online exhibition, which I hope to be able to start in the next couple of weeks. The video content, photographs, stories and artwork combined will make an exhibition with something for everybody!