Hull Roundheads – Pride in Our City Locker-Room Audio Project

Posted: 26th July 2021

Humber Museums Partnership - Hull Roundheads – Pride in Our City Locker-Room Audio Project
“PE was always really difficult… I used to put myself in a corner where I wasn’t in the eye line of anybody. I’m that person that would get changed secretly, with as little attention as possible. I was so hidden away, and I constantly felt like people were looking at me or thinking “God, what are you doing here?'”

Professional photographer Richard Dafydd is a member of the Roundheads rugby team. In this portraiture series, Richard and the team look to ‘break down the idea of what it means to play rugby’. Shot over two days, the series celebrates how the Roundheads exist beyond the limitations of stereotype and challenges the barriers facing the LGBTQ+ community in sport.

Creating this series of photographic portraits for display in the Pride in Our City exhibition prompted further conversations about the locker-room as a space. We chatted to ten members of the Roundheads rugby team about their own experiences associated with the locker-room and invited them to speak honestly about the dominant masculinities associated with such a space.

Comparing physical education classes at school to the world of inclusive rugby, the Roundheads discuss the vulnerability of communal spaces, and question why sport holds negative associations for so many LGBTQ+ individuals. The resulting audio piece offers a frank look at the spaces which shape us and their influences later in life.

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