Monet in Mind: I’m a streaker – and you might be too!

Posted: 17th May 2021

Humber Museums Partnership - Monet in Mind: I’m a streaker – and you might be too!

Monet in Mind: Project Diary

“I’m a streaker – and you might be too!”

That was the first thing I learnt in our Future Ferens Interpretation Training. Fear not, you won’t find me disrupting a footie match anytime soon. Being a ‘streaker’ means I usually just read the title of graphic panels, rushing my ‘studier’ mum around the gallery towards the tearoom. A graphic panel is used in museums and galleries to caption an artwork. It helps the viewer engage with the art.

Streakers – most people only read the title and first lines of graphic panels
Strollers – some will read further down panels that interest them
Studiers – some people read everything in an exhibition

Finding my voice
One of the most important points I took from our training was the need to give your writing a personality. This is something that would make me want to know more about an artwork. It can make the difference between art seeming snobbish and boring or fun and engaging.

A transferable skill
I am a PhD researcher in the history of science by day. Yes, this can be as dry as it sounds at times! Skills picked up from Interpretation Training have been helpful in writing my thesis. I now try to write shorter sentences and use an active voice. I think this will really help readers to engage with my research.

A massive thank you to Sarah Oswald for delivering this training!

Written by Isobel from the Future Ferens.