Monet in Mind: Soundscapes

Posted: 17th May 2021

Humber Museums Partnership - Monet in Mind: Soundscapes

In the Monet in Mind exhibition, you are invited to immerse yourself in the paintings and relax. To help this we partnered with Hull College to create new soundscapes inspired by some of the paintings. This is the chance to listen and unwind.

Student: Andrew Hardy
Artist – Townley Benson, Piece – A Mexican Mountain Scene & and a Mexican Village

I’ve submitted this piece of music titled “The Canadian that went to Mexico”.
Townley’s art immediately resonated with me. Particularly the mountains and the wide-open spaces. I have a massive love for the Americas and Mexico and would love to explore them further. Having personally travelled across the border from the U.S. into Mexico, the idea of exploring this country on horseback must have been an incredible experience.
The song itself is designed to be empowering. I tried to focus the theme on Townley’s life experiences. Using a sad but determined theme all whilst trying to capture a flavour of Mexican sounds.
Towards the end of the song, it has a brighter happier feel. This represents the final chapter of Townley’s journey. Maybe he was happy for a period of time? His art certainly makes me feel happy and free (which right now, having been locked away for so long with Covid restrictions is just lovely).

Student: Callum Smith
Artist – Claude Monet, Piece – Antibes

Callum Smith is a composer studying the Popular Music Performance Degree. An experienced live performance musician with a film and media background. Often creates with a cinematic sound palette.
‘Looking at the artwork, I was drawn in by the solitary tree and wanted an intimate sound with child-like wonder. A reflection on the vulnerability of adolescence but with hope for a bright future. I layered in audio textures to bring across the natural elements to add immersion.’

Staff Member: James Bagshaw
Artist – John Loker, Piece Vertical Extracts 2

James Bagshaw is a composer and sound artist with a specialism in spatial audio production. He is a Lecturer in Music at Hull College and PhD researcher at the University of Hull.

The piece was created in response to the four distinct layers within Vertical Extracts, with changing levels of detail and depth reflected in the structure of the musical work.

The piece was composed specifically for binaural (headphone) listening to immerse the listener in an evolving electronic environment.

Staff Member: Craig Steer
Artist – Phillip Wilson Steer, Boulogne Sands (Children Shrimping)

Craig Steer is a composer, musician and educator based in North Cave, East Yorkshire. He chose the work by Phillip Steer (no relation) partly on the strength of their shared surname, but more one the impressionistic style and imagery that prompted memories of days at the beach with his family. The composition process was a live improvisation for piano with a minimal additional accompanying line added later to lift the melodic line.

“The piece was created using a very simple process; I viewed the painting for a couple of minutes and explored a melody that came to mind. Short of a couple of mistakes that is the final product’