‘A Place, greater than home’ Photographic Exhibition

Posted: 16th January 2017

Humber Museums Partnership - ‘A Place, greater than home’ Photographic Exhibition

Goole Museum

Event Starts:

17th January 2017

Event Ends:

25th March 2017

About the Exhibition


What does home mean to you?


‘A Place, greater than home’ is the name of a new and fascinating photographic exhibition by Goole born film and photo artist Debbie Harman. Throughout 2014, Debbie travelled from her hometown in Goole to its twinned town of Zlotow in Poland. A road sign which proclaims that Goole is twinned with Zlotow proved to be the main source of inspiration for the exhibition. Debbie spent a total of three months residing in Poland for the project, and experienced first-hand the loneliness and isolation that comes from being in a strange place alongside the difficulties of not speaking the language.


When asked about the project, Debbie said: “I wanted ambiguity in the photos – you cannot tell if it is Goole or Zlotow. This blurring highlights the similarity between the two places. I wanted to explore those feelings that come from being away from home and ask the question ‘What makes home, home?'” This exhibition explores the idea that home is more about the people you love rather than a set house, place or town.


About the Artist


Born in Goole, Debbie Harman graduated from Leeds Metropolitan  University in 2007 with a BA in Graphic Art and Design. Debbie then studied for an MA in Photography at London College of Communications (UAL) and graduated in 2014. “A Place, greater than home” formed a part of Debbie’s MA studies, and she continued with the project after graduating from UAL. Debbie has an interest in exploring experimental documentary arts and poetic film, and her practice is deeply rooted in her own personal experiences.


Additional Information


There will be a ‘Meet the Artist’ session at the museum on Saturday 18th February from 12:30pm to 3:00pm. Visitors will be able to ask Debbie questions about her work and the inspirations behind it. Admission to this session is free.