Future Ferens

Humber Museums Partnership - Future Ferens

About the project

Future Ferens are creatives, promoters and curators aged 16-25 years old who are passionate about connecting people through art and creativity. The group meets regularly on different projects, to plan and deliver a programme of events and exhibitions with the aim of engaging people with the arts.

Since 2006 Future Ferens have worked with gallery staff to make the Ferens and its exhibitions accessible to young people.

The Future Ferens have been closely involved in a number of high-profile exhibitions over the years including four ARTIST ROOMS exhibitions (Woodman, 2011, Warhol, 2012, Creed, 2013, Mueck, 2017). Future Ferens have the opportunity to work with the Ferens team to shape exhibitions, contributing to marketing, learning and curatorial elements.

Future Ferens also curate and market Late events at the gallery. For example, to accompany the Reflection: British Art in an Age of Change exhibition in 2019, Future Ferens hosted a Ferens Late celebrating LGBTQ+ art and artists. They took over the gallery after hours with a programme of participatory events which included: live performance, sound art, sketch activities and spoken word. Events like these encourage new audiences to take ownership of the gallery space.

Zivarna shared her experience of Future Ferens:
I joined FF because I wanted to gain some experience of what happens behind the scenes in a gallery/museum. I also wanted to meet a group of likeminded people in Hull. What I got from FF was so much more than I expected, not only did I make some wonderful friends and learn what it’s like to be involved in running a gallery, I gained so much experience and transferrable skills. I gained experience in marketing, design, curation, event organisation, social media, and working with artists and museum and gallery staff.
It was amazing how much free rein we had, we really were allowed to create and curate exhibitions and events however we felt best. This experience helped me build my confidence and gain a perspective of what museum role would suit me best. This was such a unique opportunity and I encourage young artists and anyone interested in galleries and museums to join FF!

Lucy was part of the Future Ferens for years and is a talented practising painter and socially engaged artist. Lucy shared that: I think my biggest highlight at Future Ferens was being able to lead a group tour around the art gallery during the SKIN exhibition, it felt rewarding to understand the art and share it with others.

If you want to get involved email futureferens.futureferens@hcandl.co.uk or message us on Instagram.