Normanby Hall Regency Re-display. The Ground Floor, part two

Humber Museums Partnership - Normanby Hall Regency Re-display. The Ground Floor, part two

About the project

After completing the inventory at Normanby Hall, I am now able to embark upon the next stage of the re-display that is funded by Arts Council England.

As I have been working from home a lot more, I have found the digital 3D tour of Normanby Hall to be incredibly useful. Not only can I take a walk around the rooms to remind me of the space, but I can also take measurements of rooms and objects using the measuring tool in the tour. This has allowed me to create room plans for each space, to ensure I can accommodate the objects in their new settings.

3D tour measuring tool

With the help of several colleagues, I undertook the first part of the object move, shifting the medium sized objects into their new locations. This included objects such as sofas, tables, chairs and statues. All the objects were removed from in front of the fireplace in the Entrance Hall. Some of these items will go back into storage, and others have been accommodated in the current displays. This space has been cleared so that it can become a new interactive area for visitors. Currently when visitors enter the Hall, many feel like that have to speak quietly, and behave as if they were in a library. I am hopeful that if one of the first things the visitors see is an area in which to interact, it will help them to enjoy a much more relaxed visit.

Now that the medium sized objects are in place, creating more accurate and intimate Regency displays, I can concentrate on moving the smaller objects into their spaces. This includes objects such as ceramics and other ornaments. I will also start to empty the bookcases ready for their big moves. I will need more professional assistance for moving the larger items, which will be the next stage in the big move of the objects. This will include objects such as the bookcases and even one of the pianos.

One of the larger objects that still needs moving

Now that the first object moves have taken place, I am feeling excited about revealing how different the ground floor rooms will look by March 2021. And slightly impatient!