2. Normanby Hall Stable Yard: Why redevelopment?

Humber Museums Partnership - 2. Normanby Hall Stable Yard: Why redevelopment?

About the project

Why are we redeveloping?

Parts of the Stable Yard buildings need some TLC. The wall coverings need replacing with period and building appropriate lime rendering. In the Coach House we are planning to improve the flow, the interpretation and the visibility of the objects. In the Stable Block we are planning to add more historic objects, more interpretation and an education / hands on area.

Another reason we are doing this redevelopment is to make it more personal. We want to put the people back into the park. Who worked here, when was this and what did their jobs entail? We will look at people such as the stable boys, coach men and those that were part of the Normanby Park fire brigade. I came across a wonderful book which in great detail tells the role of a Regency servant. This book was written in 1825 by Sarah and Samuel Adams. Sarah was a housekeeper and Samuel a butler. This book is a perfect resource to understand the work done by all servants employed by wealthy families like the Sheffield Family.

The Sheffield Family will also be placed back into the Historic buildings and the Rural Life Museum, who were they, how were they of importance to the area and what did they do here? Phase one of that has been done inside Normanby Hall. The Entrance Hall now tells the story of the Sheffield family.

Next Week: The History of the Buildings