Monet in Mind – Walter Richard Sickert

Posted: 17th May 2021

Humber Museums Partnership - Monet in Mind – Walter Richard Sickert

Walter Richard SICKERT
b.1860 – d.1942
Hotel Royal, Dieppe, France c.1899
Oil on Canvas
Walter Richard Sickert was an extremely influential painter in England and became the driving force behind many important British artistic movements of the 20th century.
He was highly knowledgeable on modern French painting and influenced by the Impressionists.
Sickert stayed many times in Dieppe on the Normandy coast. He created many sketches and paintings of the town. Nearly always in grey or rainy weather, the overall effect of his paintings is one of melancholy.

Samuel Courtauld, the founder of The Courtauld, wrote poetry about the artworks in his collection. Following in his footsteps many years later, young people aged 16-25 from The Warren Youth Project in Hull, were inspired by Hotel Royal, Dieppe to compose their own creative writing.

Based on Hotel Royal, Dieppe, France c.1899
One Day, Not a Dream

Hotel of dreams,
hotel of memories,
wherever that building is,
in a place still loved.
Perhaps several buildings and memories,
all distinct to a specific time and place,
perhaps those will stay in the past…
but there will be a future to come
with more hotels and more memories,
when they won’t be a dream or wish.
One day, the future
will be a reality
and it will be right here.

By Kelly Cartwright