Monet in Mind – Philip Wilson Steer’s Boulogne Sands

Posted: 25th June 2021

Humber Museums Partnership - Monet in Mind – Philip Wilson Steer’s Boulogne Sands

Philip Wilson STEER
b. 1860 – d.1942
Boulogne Sands (Children Shrimping) 1891
Oil on Canvas

Boulogne Sands is exhibited in the Monet in Mind exhibition at Ferens Art Gallery (17 May – 4 July)
Philip Wilson Steer was a leading figure in the British impressionist movement. Whilst more structured than a Monet it is clear that Steer was influenced by the French Impressionists whilst studying in Paris in the early 1880’s.
Steer painted a series of coastal views after his return to England in 1884.
His use of sparkling colours and loose brushwork draws on Monet’s coastal paintings and Impressionistic theories.
Subdued colours capture the simplicity and euphoria of childhood. Visible brush strokes allow light to dance across the scene, accentuating the relaxing seaside pastime.

In the Monet in Mind exhibition, you are invited to immerse yourself in the paintings and relax. To help this we partnered with Hull College to create new soundscapes inspired by some of the paintings. This is the chance to listen and unwind.

Craig Steer is a composer, musician and educator based in North Cave, East Yorkshire. He chose the work by Phillip Steer (no relation) partly on the strength of their shared surname, but more one the impressionistic style and imagery that prompted memories of days at the beach with his family. The composition process was a live improvisation for piano with a minimal additional accompanying line added later to lift the melodic line.

“The piece was created using a very simple process; I viewed the painting for a couple of minutes and explored a melody that came to mind. Short of a couple of mistakes that is the final product’